Safer, simpler soil and water solutions for improved agriculture

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Safer, simpler soil and water solutions for improved agriculture


AquaBoostAG is the comprehensive method: infiltration, penetration, and retention, a three-pronged solution to modern agricultural challenges

The AquaBoostAG range addresses penetration, retention and infiltration issues across a wide range of crops and market segments.

Enhance your soil with AquaBoostAG

Delivers significant improvement in water efficiency across a wide range of applications.
Minimises leaching in the soil and holds nutrients in the root zone for longer, optimising the value of nutrition programs. The introduction of AquaBoostAG also reduces sodium uptake by the root system by of maintaining a consistent moisture profile.
Promotes the lateral spread of moisture, reducing the impact of wet and dry extremes during the irrigation cycle
Can be safely injected, streamed, sprayed, boomed, dripped, or even aerially applied with no risk of chemical uptake in plant yield or detriment to system toxicity

There is an AquaBoostAG
formulation for every crop & soil type

AquaBoostAG30 Liquid

AquaBoostAG30 is a soil moisture solution which increases irrigation and nutrition efficiency by altering soil hydraulics, slowing the infiltration of moisture through the soil profile, promoting the lateral spread of moisture through the soil, and holding water and nutrients in the root zone for a longer period.
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AquaBoostAG30 Non-Wetting Soils

AquaBoostAG30 NWS is a formula engineered to overcome hydrophobic (non-wetting) characteristics present in ‘hard-to-wet’ soil. AquaBoostAG30 NWS provides the same infiltration, penetration, and retention effects as AquaBoostAG30 Liquid.
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AquaBoostAG30 Fulvic Blend

AquaBoostAG30 FB is formulated with high-quality fulvic acid designed to release locked-up phosphorous, zinc and other nutrients. AquaBoostAG30 Fulvic Blend promotes a healthy soil environment, where organisms can thrive and soil biology characteristics are improved.

AquaBoostAG Direct

AquaBoostAG Direct is a spray additive that has been enhanced through the polymerisation process to help reduce drift and foaming issues in spray applications. Compatible with commonly used spray additives. If unsure always undertake a jar test prior to use or consult with your AG reseller.
AquaBoostAG Laminar Flow

AquaBoostAG Laminar Flow

AquaBoostAG Laminar Flow polymer is designed to offer a non-toxic, non-corrosive means of dealing with colloidal clays in irrigation systems.
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AquaBoostAG Kelp Blend

AquaBoost AG Kelp Blend is derived from bull kelp found at and below full tide levels on King Island Tasmania. The polymerised blend promotes healthy root systems and facilitates a more effective nutrient uptake.
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AquaBoostAG Humic Blend

AquaBoost AG Humic Blend is a polymerised humic formulation that increases soil moisture holding capability & nutrient uptake and aids with root system development. It promotes a healthy soil structure increasing microbial activity in the root zone.

AquaBoostAG100 SAP

AG100 is a pre plant formulation designed for longer term moisture retention, and availability by increasing soil and substrates water holding capacity.

“With a rich history of innovation and sustainability, I am proud of the AquaBoostAG team and broad network of suppliers for their deep expertise and dedication to providing effective solutions where they’re most needed.”

MELISSA BROOKS — Managing Director

Commonly answered questions

How do I use AquaBoostAG30?

AquaBoostAG is suitable for all irrigation systems, including drip, sub-surface drip, overhead and low-throw sprinklers and centre-pivot irrigators. Introduce AquaBoostAG30 into your irrigation system via your fertigation unit with water or via a dosing pump. AquaBoostAG will not gel or clog irrigation lines.

Can AquaBoostAG30 block my irrigation systems?

No, AquaBoostAG30 is administered in extremely low mix ratios. It has been specifically formulated so that even if an error were made in the application rate, the product would not block dripper lines.Do not mix with Calcium products. For further application advice, consult your AquaBoostAG technician or a local distributor.

Can I use AquaBoostAG30 on edible crops?

Yes, there is no root uptake of AquaBoostAG30 into the plant, so it can be used on all edible crops, such as vegetables, citrus, and grain crops.

Which AquaBoostAG formula will perform best for my crop?

BioCentral Labs works alongside growers and agricultural experts to provide a range of solutions to meet the varying needs of different crop and soil types. To find the best product for your situation, consult our brochures or consult your AquaBoostAG technician or a local distributor.

Contact us today for additional information on any of our products or to work with BioCentral as a partner.