AquaBoostAG commonly answered questions

What is AquaBoostAG30?

AquaBoostAG30 is a soil moisture solution engineered to reduce the excessive leaching of water through soils. It acts similar to a sponge at the root level of a crop to soak water more effectively and retain it in the soil.

AquaBoostAG30 is designed to improve water management and performance characteristics for applications in irrigated agriculture, horticulture, turf, and arboriculture markets. AquaBoostAG30 has been shown to reduce water consumption (and associated diesel and electricity costs), increase fertiliser efficacy, and improve crop yield and quality.

How do I use AquaBoostAG30?

AquaBoostAG is suitable for all irrigation systems, including drip, sub-surface drip, overhead and low-throw sprinklers and centre-pivot irrigators. Introduce AquaBoostAG30 into your irrigation system via your fertigation unit with water or via a dosing pump. AquaBoostAG will not gel or clog irrigation lines.

How does AquaBoostAG work?

AquaBoostAG30 works by slowing down the infiltration rate of water through the soil profile. It promotes the lateral spread of water and assists plant growth and vitality by maintaining water and nutrients in the root zone for longer.

AquaBoostAG30 is unique in its three-pronged solution for water retention and crop enhancement with infiltration, penetration, and retention, ensuring the moisture reaches and remains where it is needed most.

Can AquaBoostAG30 block my irrigation systems?

No, AquaBoostAG30 is administered in extremely low mix ratios. It has been specifically formulated so that even if an error were made in the application rate, the product would not block dripper lines.Do not mix with Calcium products. For further application advice, consult your AquaBoostAG technician or a local distributor.

How long does AquaBoostAG30 last in soil?

AquaBoostAG30 will last for approximately 8-10 weeks in the soil profile. The frequency of further applications can be determined by moisture probes or individual assessments of moisture levels at the time of application. Contact your AquaBoostAG technician or a local distributor for information and advice regarding your situation.

How much water can I expect to save when using AquaBoostAG30?

Independent trials have proven that AquaBoostAG30 can reduce water consumption by up to 30 per cent or more. This is achieved through the unique water retention properties of AquaBoostAG30, the protection provided to the root system of your crop, and the reduction in moisture lost to evaporation.

Associated costs in electricity or diesel for powering irrigation are also reduced by a similar proportion.

Does AquaBoostAG30 contain nutrients?

AquaBoostAG30 blends are not specific fertilisers, however, they will hold nutrients in the root zone for longer periods, thus reducing leaching and, in turn, increasing fertiliser efficacy. AquaBoostAG30 FB acts as a plant and nutrient stimulant with added fulvic acid to release locked-up phosphorous, zinc and other nutrients existing in the crop.

Can I use AquaBoostAG30 on edible crops?

Yes, there is no root uptake of AquaBoostAG30 into the plant, so it can be used on all edible crops, such as vegetables, citrus, and grain crops.

Which AquaBoostAG formula will perform best for my crop?

BioCentral Labs works alongside growers and agricultural experts to provide a range of solutions to meet the varying needs of different crop and soil types. To find the best product for your situation, consult our brochures or consult your AquaBoostAG technician or a local distributor.

Is AquaBoostAG30 a soil wetter?

No. AquaBoostAG is not a soil wetter. AquaBoostAG30 is a fundamentally different technology from soil wetters. Aquaboost AG 30 is designed to alter the hydraulic profiles of water altering the flow patterns within the soil. This results in greater lateral spread, especially in sandy soil types leading to greater water and nutrient use efficiency.

AquaBoostAG30 uniquely increases infiltration, penetration, and moisture retention within the soil profile as a three-pronged solution to crop enhancement. Unlike many other crop enhancers, AquaBoostAG30 is completely biologically and micro-biologically safe. It will have no phytotoxic effect and is shown only to improve soil health; thus, it can be used at any time on any crop for any soil type.

AquaBoostAG30 is one of the very few safe water or crop additives that can be readily injected, streamed, sprayed, boomed, dripped, or even aerially applied to great effect.

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