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Unleashing the Power of Seaweed: Exploring Kelp Ferments in Agriculture

Discover the power of kelp in sustainable agriculture with AquaBoostAG. Learn how seaweed-based fertilisers, particularly kelp ferments, enhance soil health, boost crop resilience and improve yields. Explore the benefits of Ascophyllum and Durvillaea species, effective kelp sourcing practices and application methods in modern farming. Unlock the potential of natural resources for a brighter agricultural future.
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Preparing Australian Growers for El Niño with AquaBoost

El Niño seriously affects Australia's water supply and agriculture. The weather pattern leads to reduced rainfall, causing drought and water scarcity, impacting growers' yields and costs. AquaBoost by BioCentral Laboratories is an innovative solution to combat these issues. It improves water retention, boosts efficiency, and supports sustainable agriculture. It helps growers adapt to the challenges posed by El Niño, ensuring a more resilient future for Australian agriculture.
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